12 years ago if someone had of asked me do you like cats? My reps os would of surely been “No, I don’t really like animals full stop!”.

One sunny day while dealing with some of the hardest times in my short life, I was blessed with crossing paths with the most beautiful lady I had laid eyes on. Many weeks passed and I took a leap of faith, just like the saying “one thing led to another” and we became a life long couple.

To cut a long story short, my lovely wife was an animal person. She had 6 cats and 2 dogs all of which lived with her, being from a family who never had pets or those we did lived outside as I previously thought the rightful place for any animal?
Again after a lot of adjusting, fighting for my place in the hierarchy, I began to live also with my new loves family of animals. Two of these animals became very special to me, Sam the dog and mum puss.

I noted the cats of our family a very strong part of our little pack, you see cats are either extremely intelligent, bold and cuddly or extremely timid and scatty. Out of the cats, mum puss was a standoff but yearning to be noticed type and she would strut her elegance infront of me when she wanted to be noticed and became a fond friend of mine every evening on our bed.

Mum puss passed away a number of years later, leaving behind another beautiful litter which included the cat I now write this very post about. His name is cookie, proudly named by our beautiful miracle daughter kaylah.

Cookie was the runt of the litter, a fighter at heart and has always had something special about him. Cookie was a little starved for love as a kitten as his 4 older bigger and stronger brothers always took the attention and I noticed this first when I started bottle feeding him, a trait of cookies to this very day is if he asks for a cuddle and you give it to him he will roll over to a suckling position and knead the air. Being nursed by all of our family on many nights, something we naturally did was cuddle this tiny kitten runt into our necks and every now and then rub noses with him.

Cookie has grown into an amazing family member, yes a family member. Once you raise an animal from birth, hand feed them and include them in your everyday routine they very much so become a family member. Everyday while out and about, on arrival home cookie without fail is there to greet you. If he is outside when we get home cookie progresses to walk up the bonnet of the car, onto the roof and once you open the door he will bend down to tap you ever so softly with one paw as if to say ” hey! Here I am”.

The final part of a cookie greeting, a crucial point in letting him know/feel like he has actually received a greeting to his satisfaction is the nose rub. *laughs to self*

Yes in cookies mind a nose rub is the ultimate sense of love/appreciation and/or a satisfactory hello and I love you. It’s actually very ironic that myself whom barely noticed an animal or it’s many attempts to get my attention before I met my wife, I now look at animals in an atomically different fashion. I now look at them as family members, ones that may not speak English no but all the same an everyday part of this family and it’s loving home. If your a non animal person, or just a trophy pet owner I ask you to take some time to look at your pet in new light. If you take anything from this story let it be that animals do have feelings, they do have intelligence and if you take the time to look for it all animals have their very own unique character just like any human being.

I’ll leave this story with some photographs of our boy cookie, the cat who I truely believe thinks he is a human just like us. To cookie he thinks he looks and acts just like everyone else, except we probably seem a little taller than he is!

For now that’s my tale, take it and use it to benefit your life with a friend. A friend whom will love you without prejudice, without ever holding a grudge, without ever wanting to leave or without ever wanting to please you……


cookie following me around our yard wondering why I keep moving away from him

cooking gazing ever so loving at my lovely wife Bronwyn who is holding him in our big baby position


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