A hint of hope in the nick of time……

As miserable as the weather is at the moment, our days barely touching the 10°c mark and the coldest of cold winds that chill you to the bone. I’ve been plugging along at work, rain, hail or snow. Each evening as I am on the last legs, the stretch of road that spans hill after hill on my way home my mind wanders into an almost trance like state. A suspended time of driving home and taking in thoughts of how different and beautiful the world looks as the sunset begins to fall across the land.

The colours of light within a sunset casts new depth to many elements of nature around us, as my eyes draw heavy blinks I notice how this dull dim weather also puts a damper on many of our lands wildlife activity. Looking at my fuel gauge again, it’s low! My energy too is low, so I’ll keep moving for home, “wow that sunset is amazing” I must stop and listen, look at this while it’s upon me as I know it will go just as fast!

As if she heard me, the sunset throws glare rays into my eyes and begins her fall into the horizon at lightning pace. Pulling my car to one side of the road I quickly scramble to capture and share with you all what I could of her beauty, it all went far to fast for any staged photos. Sigh! Another moment missed I thought? A week of miserable weather, dull and drawn out hours that span into daPys, with my eyes beginning to burn with tiredness and my mood just as low, then I saw it.

A glimmer of hope, an almost personal message from the earth herself. In all the dark chaos that winter and stormy weather brings, the earth against all odds can still manage to bring not only myself hope but all of her creations hope. The birds around me began to sing, I could hear the crickets now whistling and whizzing like fine tuned engines. Could they too see it? Could they also be on their last legs of energy? Yes it appears they too then sparked into life, like a crowd at the Olympics cheering and thanking their great earth for her message.

To me it felt she was saying just that, fight on until tomorrow for if this is an indication of what is to come then it gets better……

Alas I leave you 2 of the images, enjoy!




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