Tis the season to be jolly, yet the year has been long and hard…

Hiya again friends, yes once again the Christmas rush has jumped out and surprised us that it has already began!

I’m writing to wish you all a very merry Christmas and safe, happy new year! I hope you all get what you wished for this Chrissy? On the other hand the extended family of myself and my wife will need strength and hope for another year, the past 6 months in our families has been nothing less than tragic. Many lives lost, young and old through unforeseen events and others at their own hands.

One begins to wonder why? What is the meaning of such unnecessary loss? Why would God or life let those who have done nothing but give, help and smile all their lives have to deal with such tragedy?

Yet we cannot ponder on such questions as the answer is one of infinite returns!

I will leave you all with an image I caught on my 4th gen ipad, this pic I took whilst sitting for a break beside my 4×4 as the evening rain began to creep in and fall across me……



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