Im writing a book, Dreams of my Fathers

Hiya all,

ive had alot on my plate lately, life, bills, work or lack of and a descent into a place of creativity where my thoughts run wild. Through it all i have had many instances of running with an idea then onto something else, yet theres one thing i have kept  in the forefront of my mind.

A book, yes many many years ago i began writing a story…The title contains many short stories of days in the life and events through the eyes of me yes each short title is an actual tale from my past or present life on a winding journey that i hope many of you will enjoy and follow?

It began with the discovery of where i thought i would put the apps abilities to the test and it turned out so amazingly well it has formed a part of my obsession to bring the rest of this book idea to life. Below i have attached the sneek peek of a mere few pages of whats enclosed, i hope yall enjoy it.



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