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Iphonography & ipadography:

So friends, I’m going to start sharing many many moments of mine captured with simply my iPhone or my iPad. Why? It’s become a very popular niche, and the community has exploded so luckily for me I’ve been doing it since the day I got both my devices and have lots of practice, albums, ideas and so on to share.

Jump right in, photography reflections:

So to kick things off, and no these posts will not be tutorial like they’re just my thoughts, muses and so-on about a particular image and what thoughts, ideas or memories it had arisen in that moment.

To be honest, I absolutely love looking around the world as I walk through the various areas I find myself in when I go off on my missions in a creative burst point in time. I never stage a scene, a story or a photograph preferably I like to just wander upon them or be totally caught off guard whilst doing a completely different activity.

This image was caught whilst visiting my daughter recently, I’ve walked past this exact point numerous times before yet never stopped to glance around as I’m more than likely hurrying to my own car to then get onto another job for the day. Sitting in my car I had given my daughter the goodbye kiss, my beautiful grandson his kiss and cuddle then sat there just enjoying the sun as it fell on me warm and comforting me to wait and enjoy it. As I did the following image of my daughters front rockbed, her wonderful husbands new Ford Falcon XR8 and the rest of the footpath around it.

Sounds bland yes? Be honest it does, that’s why we as artists, creators and thinkers then look at the same old scene differently and what began this moment for me on that day was the pause in the sun. I’ll leave y’all to ponder the photo, yes ONLY with my iPad as everything I’ve taken to date has been hence why I always hashtag myself


– if your not up with hashtags then that is me simply saying “I am the iOS photographer” catchup gang the wonders in social media is miles ahead, lets catchup and show them how it’s done!

The photo, requests or ideas please?

A perfect reflection photography example by @chasingtime
A perfect reflection photography example
So for now I’ll stop talking, leave y’all to give some feedback, ideas, criticisms, thoughts and hopefully you can give me ideas of what you want to see or talk about? Please feel free, our creative ideas combined could just be the next big thing?
Kind regards

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