Airbnb banned, It takes a law courts verdict to verify to the world what I’ve been saying for years now!

Airbnb suspended by law courts
Airbnb suspended by law courts

Now this is worth the read, I’ve been saying for years now apps iOS & android market publishers have all to freely access to get a license which in turn users see as QUALITY & SECURITY!

So your saying?

Let’s say then today, If You see an app one of the stores IOS/android and wish to install it. Do you first question its integrity? Because remember 90% of the time your about to give ‘said’ application free access to the likes of –

  • Bank details
  • Personal information
  • Friends & family (contacts) details
  • And much much more

Is the answer NO!? Don’t sweat if it is because neither did I until I thought about it and that’s EXACTLY my point!

This is merely the beginning, there is yet a whole can of worms we as market users are unawares to. So read on and be sure to take note, feedback & comments very welcome.

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