About ChasingTime

Chasing Time ey?

Chasing time is a site i created in early 2014, an idea to give myself a medium for release. A website I have began to throw out many ideas, thoughts, brain storms and my general day to day thoughts as each crossed my mind.

Since my fathers terminal health issues, i found myself looking for answers, lost and seeking an answer or release to which writing was just the cure I sought!

Over the past years, my life has seen many obstacles and events including – depression, many family losses, anxiety and other situations im sure people across the globe also suffer. In moments of sadness, confusion and depressive thought, ones mind can process an uncanny volume of thoughts. These thoughts vary from brilliant, weird & wonderful to silly or even down right bloody ridiculous.

cropped-image1.pngBlog, draw or what?

Everyone deals with loss, hurt or alike differently and i found writing to be an amazing therapeutic method for myself. To hide behind an avatar over the World Wide Web (WWW) everyone opens up alot more, lose the fear of rejection and relax into their own fictiscious avatar as the sense of fear of judgement/prejudice cannot be pionted to them in day to day life.

Photography & Iphonography what for?

Again this is simply something I had found to release my pressures and the daily stress our social grind can put on us all, you see over many years i believe i have listened to many a wise soul & a wise man once said –

“A picture is worth more than one thousand words”… prior to becoming an avid photographer & blogger I thought the saying to be a silly over exaggeration and how i was wrong!

So friends, enjoy my musing and photography. I hope you can learn something? or get a laugh out of it? Maybe a good cry at my poems and rants?

Yet if anything I only hope it helps your days worries melt away like it does mine…

Kind regards



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