Scale model photography/Iphonography series #2

The second part to my scale model photography series, I have tried out a new platform with this using Adobe spark I hope y’all enjoy the addition and there will be a lot more to come. model Iphonography series


My rare baby tawny frogmouth owl

Paying attention by chance:

On a quiet sunday drive, on a dusty bush track right before my eyes sit this little fellow. The most prescious of babies, a rare baby tawny frogmouth owl.

Just how adorable is he/she with those vivid orange glass toy like eyes…

The beginning of a friendship:

Yes i can see a friendship forming already, but i must not let my feelings get in the course of nature itself. Im going to continue to blog this adventure as it unfolds, i thought id post this update & snag the interest of yall for further muses.

Keep your eyes fixed here:

For now i must go as im taking him back to where i found him as his parents may well be looking for him/her ?

Talk soon friends…

Anime Art is 100 years old, celebrate in Tokyo!

The fine art of Anime is celebrating 100 Years, the Anime Film Festival Tokyo 2017 is officially Announced!

What You Need to Know:

Yes Anime hits its centennial birthday this year, (yep thats 100) and to celebrate, the Anime Film Festival Tokyo has been announced along with some of the biggest names in the industry.

It will be held this year for two weeks with the main events ocurring in Shinjuku from October 13th to the 15th. At various movie theaters within the Shinjuku area, many famous anime works will be shown as well as other top new titles will make their debuts, there will be anisong live concerts, collboration events and cafe events, and a character parade.

Love souvenirs?

Well there will be some of the finest original, limited edition and alike goods that can only be purchased there onsite during the week long event.

Some big names that have already been confirmed to be participating are –

Aniplex, Avex Pictures, Sunrise, Toei Animation, TMS Entertainment, Nippon Animation, and Studio Pierrot.

Want some random facts?

A source indorms me since anime was first created, there have been 11,723 anime toons made and 158,442 EPISODES CREATED IN TOTAL! INSANE RIGHT!?

I can’t wait to go!?

Let’s get some FREE PRESS passes right fkn now!

Hope to see yall there, if not i want some god dang gifts sent back to me!

Lol j/k

Looking at the world from different perspectives

Looking at the world on different perspectives in Iphonography

Looking at the world from different perspectives may sound stupid? Try it with a camera, you can then look back over the photos and get great rewards when you see that one picture that catches your eye…

I’ve been very busy with unforeseen events in life lately, some self inflicted and others after long periods you swear the lord above himself has a grudge to settle with you?

I write today to remind myself to keep trudging on, to let y’all know I’m still here, still forging on slowly but since my last update I have gigabytes of photos spread across “the cloud” all images are taken with my 4th generation IPad & 5th generation IPhone. More updates to come soon my friends including some half decent photos. – with Bronwyn

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Im writing a book, Dreams of my Fathers

Hiya all,

ive had alot on my plate lately, life, bills, work or lack of and a descent into a place of creativity where my thoughts run wild. Through it all i have had many instances of running with an idea then onto something else, yet theres one thing i have kept  in the forefront of my mind.

A book, yes many many years ago i began writing a story… Continue reading →

Tis the season to be jolly, yet the year has been long and hard…

Hiya again friends, yes once again the Christmas rush has jumped out and surprised us that it has already began!

I’m writing to wish you all a very merry Christmas and safe, happy new year! I hope you all get what you wished for this Chrissy? On the other hand the extended family of myself and my wife will need strength and hope for another year, the past 6 months in our families has been nothing less than tragic. Many lives lost, young and old through unforeseen events and others at their own hands.

One begins to wonder why? What is the meaning of such unnecessary loss? Why would God or life let those who have done nothing but give, help and smile all their lives have to deal with such tragedy?

Yet we cannot ponder on such questions as the answer is one of infinite returns!

I will leave you all with an image I caught on my 4th gen ipad, this pic I took whilst sitting for a break beside my 4×4 as the evening rain began to creep in and fall across me……


Apologise for my absences, photos and more

Well hello friends, I hope you have not all lost hope that my endless hope to chase down time had lost motivation? Yes, I am still here. Lingering in the background of life, trying to make sense on many of the worlds aspects that have not been kind to me.

Although photography is still something that has an almost comforting embrace on ones thoughts, settling them, almost bringing them to a halt. I will soon add a whole armful of images, many weird and wonderful scenes I have captured whilst being absent here. As your aware, these images will be from the native bushlands that surround my work, my home and I hope you enjoy them.

For now here’s an image from the sets I am currently sorting through, regards.

#iamtheiosphotographer @chasintime #nature