My rare baby tawny frogmouth owl

Paying attention by chance:

On a quiet sunday drive, on a dusty bush track right before my eyes sit this little fellow. The most prescious of babies, a rare baby tawny frogmouth owl.

Just how adorable is he/she with those vivid orange glass toy like eyes…

The beginning of a friendship:

Yes i can see a friendship forming already, but i must not let my feelings get in the course of nature itself. Im going to continue to blog this adventure as it unfolds, i thought id post this update & snag the interest of yall for further muses.

Keep your eyes fixed here:

For now i must go as im taking him back to where i found him as his parents may well be looking for him/her ?

Talk soon friends…


Airbnb banned, It takes a law courts verdict to verify to the world what I’ve been saying for years now!

Airbnb suspended by law courts

Airbnb suspended by law courts

Now this is worth the read, I’ve been saying for years now apps iOS & android market publishers have all to freely access to get a license which in turn users see as QUALITY & SECURITY!

So your saying?

Let’s say then today, If You see an app one of the stores IOS/android and wish to install it. Do you first question its integrity? Because remember 90% of the time your about to give ‘said’ application free access to the likes of –

  • Bank details
  • Personal information
  • Friends & family (contacts) details
  • And much much more

Is the answer NO!? Don’t sweat if it is because neither did I until I thought about it and that’s EXACTLY my point!

This is merely the beginning, there is yet a whole can of worms we as market users are unawares to. So read on and be sure to take note, feedback & comments very welcome.

Cassius Clay – The Great Muhammad Ali sadly passes away today

The saddest News

Walking down the street only moments ago, i happen to hear two gentlemen outside a local bar “Wow i know right i cant believe it” one says to the other.
“no biggie…. i didn’t like him anyhow” the other exclaims as they walk back inside. Shrugging it off i follow no further thought about the remarks until minutes ago when i heard it on a local news flash.

Boxing great JOE FRAZIER has died after losing a final fight against liver cancer. The former heavyweight champion, who handed Muhammad Ali his first defeat in the ring.

Boxing great JOE FRAZIER has died after losing a final fight against liver cancer. The former heavyweight champion, who handed Muhammad Ali his first defeat in the ring.

The greatest boxing legend has gone

The great Cassius Clay aka: Muhammad Ali sadly passed away today after a long standing battle with Parkinsons disease.

I felt then the urge to respond to the gents outside that bar, i know they may or may not read this but if they or yourselves do please read on.

Muhammad Ali Vs Sonny Liston

heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali Vs Sonny Liston

No Biggie sir?

Yes its a biggie my friend, yes its sad and yes you say you didn’t like him anyhow? Well let me respond………F*@k You buddy!!

Today not only another man died, not only was this man the greatest boxing champion the world has ever seen, more so and most probably the greatest boxing legend we had the honor of only seeing on tv or from afar. He was well known as The great Cassius Clay or Muhammad Ali, a name i personally thought every human being would have known, i am personally shocked & saddened to see a legend like him decline in such a cruel way, i say cruel as my father himself is also suffering the same torture. Legends like this should never be forgotten, i can only leave you all with this terrible news and some photographs of Mr Ali in his hayday/prime.

Final words to a champion

Thankyou sir Ali for gracing me with your brilliance, thankyou for the videos i watched when i was 18-20 as i trained in my garage seeking to find the secrets of boxing in your style and grace. thankyou for helping make me proud of who i was and where i came from and thankyou for being the champion whom now lives on in my memory forever as a legend that no man could ever replace as “the greatest” – Cassius Clay aka: Muhammad Ali in your words i gladly quote.

he who floats like a butterfly & stings like a bee, you will most definately be missed by millions and yes i liked you ….. i liked you alot   🙂


Cassius Clay aka: Muhammad Ali

Cassius Clay aka: Muhammad Ali

Loyalty that spans the boundaries of time

Humans are a strange race, there is no broad scope we fit into on a general basis. What am I on about? Let me explain, let take a look at the animal kingdom for a moment. A wolf pack for example, it has a hierarchy, a family structure and then an overall behaviour and rule structure that is almost identical throughout the wolf pack families. No I don’t live with wolves, but I have been blessed with the opportunity of living with animals and if you take the time to watch them, you will see and experience character and behaviour you never believed existed.

This pattern exists within every animal race, class and breed. Simple? Yes it is, BUT critical to their existence and globally effective! Now as I mentioned, we as humans don’t seem to have these genetical inheritances, nor do many of us have such strong social family upbringings. These simple and basic values are what we as a society have forgotten about, these important foundations are what we have overlooked and In turn replaced with the strive to obtain power, wealth or to just sometimes social acceptance. I’m not saying all of society is like this, I shouldn’t state it as such maybe 80% of society would be a more fair statement?

Why am I on about this topic? Just watching my Facebook page and observing people while walking around the supermarket this afternoon I began to notice it, a Facebook update “ I’m leaving today, had enough” was one post, another said “ my useless ex left me 2 days ago and already I see him with a new woman?“. So many more posts and so many similar topics like kids, break ups, family and marriages falling apart, cheating husbands or wives and finally teenagers running wild!

What has our society become? I thought. Where is everyone going wrong? Looking past the obvious and back to basics the answer is apparent, we need structure, we need our family values back and we need a strong social upbringing that many of us lose before it’s ever had time to be inherited.

An example would be going from one household today to another, one may have their children in bed by 9pm and the other the children goto bed when ever they are tired. Another maybe one household the teenagers do chores for pocket money, in the other the teenagers do nothing at all except ask for money. The list can go on and on, swearing, manners and many more yet these may not seem like crucial points to some of you, but in fact they are key points to sustaining what values each of these children take on as important in life.

Now why am I any better? I’m actually not, I came from a broken family but living solely with my father for 90% of my childhood allowed me to inherit his strong family values. Now the key point I want to make in this long winded story is loyalty, why loyalty?

Without naming names, I was partnered 15 years ago to an un loyal wife who was cheating on me for many years. Throughout it all I fought to stay with her and my 2 children, my loyalty to my family and her even after it all saw me as the man of that family and in need of fixing what ever was wrong to keep my family together. Many years have past now, I have met the love of my life and both our love and loyalties are strong. Looking at many partnerships today this is another topic in which the foundations appear to be lost, couples break up over not having money, not being loyal to one another, no similar interests or just being together too long are but a few!

Being together too long? I’ve never heard a more pathetic excuse!

Without saying anymore on the topic I will show you a love of my own, her name is “HONEY” she has big beautiful brown eyes, a baby face and wants all the cuddles you can give her. Sounds like a mans dream right?

Honey follows me around adoringly daily, everywhere I go she follows. If I go out of the house on my return she cries, cries until I cuddle her and tell her it’s ok I’m home now. Honey has been with me for 8 years now, all of which her loyalty is as strong as the day we met, as strong as it is now I believe it will still be until the day she dies. You see honey has an inherited loyalty that no human could understand, she has one partner that she loves and will stick by until the end no matter the odds.


That is my girl Honey, no matter the the length of time honey will love me the same and without difference.

More food for thought……….