Storehouse stories, a beautiful app for creativity

Hiya gang, My apologies for the absences lately as I have been very busy with work. I still catch the time to sit up late writing thoughts and stories that cross my mind, I recently downloaded a few applications seeking something with a little more. When I say a little more, I felt I wanted... Continue Reading →

A hint of hope in the nick of time……

As miserable as the weather is at the moment, our days barely touching the 10°c mark and the coldest of cold winds that chill you to the bone. I've been plugging along at work, rain, hail or snow. Each evening as I am on the last legs, the stretch of road that spans hill after... Continue Reading →

Snatch it, grab on with both hands as time waits for no-one

Snatch it, grab on both hands and hang on for dear life! Time waits for no man, if you lose it, it aint comin back.... ive lost time, so much its hardly fair that i cannot get any back! not one piece, not a moment, no matter how long or hard i beg Time just... Continue Reading →

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