Old Android Camera Phone Snaps

Hi there gang, i’m adding photos in a gallery here within this post from a variety of my current iphonography/photography equipment. Yes theyre all very OLD and merely years outdated but what can i do? i have to work with what ive got at hand, it can be very challenging and also very frustrating along with disappointing as to what i can achieve to then pass onto you all here on site.

Well please add your feedback, comments and criticism as I always love to hear from you all. I have also been tempted to start a go fund me? or alike funding page to raise money for some new equipment, what do you all think?

I could even possibly start a donations box if you will, for anyone with old handmedowns/donation devices they would be willing to send me to use as i would also love and appreciate that as much as anything new.

I have rambled enough friends here are the pics – #iamtheiosphotographer

Old mixture of Android & Ios device photography




iamtheiosphotographer at Gurushots

I Joined a GuruShots today. life itself csn be one challenge after another, why my iphonography photography can be so soothing.. Come check out my pics, vote up or down my rank!

I’d love the feedback or criticism!

Scale model photography/Iphonography series #2


The second part to my scale model photography series, I have tried out a new platform with this using Adobe spark I hope y’all enjoy the addition and there will be a lot more to come.

Scale model Iphonography series

Adobe Slate Article #2 Written By ChasingTime

Scale model photography/Iphonography series #2

Iphonography ios android photo gallery

Check out the latest IOS/ANDROID photography & iphonography all taken by
~•°⊙[]♧Çhåš¡ńgT¡m€♧[]⊙°•~ on his trusty 4th generation ipad.

See more: ChasingTimes profile

Feel free to share all images/photos as most are for sale on numerous platforms & mediums.

My rare baby tawny frogmouth owl

Paying attention by chance:

On a quiet sunday drive, on a dusty bush track right before my eyes sit this little fellow. The most prescious of babies, a rare baby tawny frogmouth owl.

Just how adorable is he/she with those vivid orange glass toy like eyes…

The beginning of a friendship:

Yes i can see a friendship forming already, but i must not let my feelings get in the course of nature itself. Im going to continue to blog this adventure as it unfolds, i thought id post this update & snag the interest of yall for further muses.

Keep your eyes fixed here:

For now i must go as im taking him back to where i found him as his parents may well be looking for him/her ?

Talk soon friends…

Tips on Scale model photography made look real


Model photography idea:

As a child growing up model building became an avid hobby of mine, due to the many many hours alone whilst my hard working father spent dawn til dusk on the farm I routinely bought a new model project with my pocket money weekly. Now a lot older, my nephew also has a model collection which I stumbled across just this week.

Seeing he has done a lot of hard work building these new age cast iron beauties, I thought of a great idea! Let’s take these little gems, create a number of quickly cleared areas/scenes and photograph them to instil each in their finest of forms like this example below.

Android or iOS scale model photos made look real

Number 1 of many to come:

For now we have merely this one image to share with you all, but after a quick tidy up of dust and alike there’s is another 10 rare cars including some of the world’s finest like the Lamborghini & Ferrari among this collection we plan to shoot.

Tips so far:

As for tips, they too will grow as we learn from our endeavors, triumphs and failures. What we do know is as follows.

  1. Clean up each with a fine brush to remove any foreign elements
  2. Set yourself an area with a typical scene idea in mind
  3. The lower you can get your camera to the subject the better
  4. Take lots of images, don’t be afraid as the more images on all sorts of heights and angles give you a variety to then filter through to find that 1 perfect capture!

Thank you all for viewing, please leave feedback or ideas and criticisms as we love to hear from each and everyone.

Kind regards

Reflection photography with iPad or iPhone


Iphonography & ipadography:

So friends, I’m going to start sharing many many moments of mine captured with simply my iPhone or my iPad. Why? It’s become a very popular niche, and the community has exploded so luckily for me I’ve been doing it since the day I got both my devices and have lots of practice, albums, ideas and so on to share.

Jump right in, photography reflections:

So to kick things off, and no these posts will not be tutorial like they’re just my thoughts, muses and so-on about a particular image and what thoughts, ideas or memories it had arisen in that moment.

To be honest, I absolutely love looking around the world as I walk through the various areas I find myself in when I go off on my missions in a creative burst point in time. I never stage a scene, a story or a photograph preferably I like to just wander upon them or be totally caught off guard whilst doing a completely different activity.

This image was caught whilst visiting my daughter recently, I’ve walked past this exact point numerous times before yet never stopped to glance around as I’m more than likely hurrying to my own car to then get onto another job for the day. Sitting in my car I had given my daughter the goodbye kiss, my beautiful grandson his kiss and cuddle then sat there just enjoying the sun as it fell on me warm and comforting me to wait and enjoy it. As I did the following image of my daughters front rockbed, her wonderful husbands new Ford Falcon XR8 and the rest of the footpath around it.

Sounds bland yes? Be honest it does, that’s why we as artists, creators and thinkers then look at the same old scene differently and what began this moment for me on that day was the pause in the sun. I’ll leave y’all to ponder the photo, yes ONLY with my iPad as everything I’ve taken to date has been hence why I always hashtag myself


– if your not up with hashtags then that is me simply saying “I am the iOS photographer” catchup gang the wonders in social media is miles ahead, lets catchup and show them how it’s done!

The photo, requests or ideas please?

A perfect reflection photography example by @chasingtime

A perfect reflection photography example

So for now I’ll stop talking, leave y’all to give some feedback, ideas, criticisms, thoughts and hopefully you can give me ideas of what you want to see or talk about? Please feel free, our creative ideas combined could just be the next big thing?
Kind regards